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Studio 7 is truly the most intimate venue. They weren’t lying when they said that. Everyone was comfortably cramped

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around a lounge, appreciating the opportunity to do something interesting and exciting yet chilled on their Monday night.

A surprise gig is a weird thing to attend. Wondering if the secret was going to be worth it, I arrived at the venue, excited for a bit of live music after a week away from Cape Town. The band had been billed as ‘massive’ so the suspense was increased. Sitting in the kitchen thinking about how Studio 7 started, I found the set up really homey, and I appreciated how different the vibe was. Finally the act was announced. The Parlotones. They didn’t charge for the gig. They wanted to be a part of what Patrick created Studio 7 to be. Could it be possible that a gig like this was done to make The Parlotones reach people on a very different level, trying to give people a changed idea of them? Could it be possible that it worked, whether it was an intentional move or not?

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been a fan, but when Khan leaned into the microphone to sing (ever so sweetly) ‘Anti-climax’, I realised that that he is fully aware of people’s perception of them, positive or not. And he has a sense of humour. It made

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him less of an overexposed pop-figure and more of a real person.
I find it endearing that this band started out in a lounge, such as this, and ended up in a lounge, coming full circle. It made me take them seriously, for the very first time. The show was so cozy. You could feel the drums vibrating along the beautiful wooden floorboards. Kahn’s voice was incredible, it seemed like it could shatter and break at any moment. I still found it annoying, however much less than when you hear it on radio. In skinny’s, a vest and a cap, all previous images of him disappeared. No make-up. No dramatics. No KFC. No 3D. The only thing that remained was the music.

They started out playing their hits. 5 or 6 songs later, they dived into their new material. Fucking up the first song, no one really cared. Once again, it made them more human. It was refreshing to hear a song of theirs that had not been played to death on the airwaves. I was able to absorb them more.
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these parties is great. I’m stoked that a band with such huge success is keen to be a part of events like this. It was also great to not have seen the usual crowd at this party. Exclusivity is not something that is common in Cape Town. People came for the music, for something different. For me, Monday really gave the event series a sense of credibility. Not because of the Parlotones, but because this is one of many shows, and The Parlotones just happened to be the first.

Thanks to Bushmills Irish Whisey, iKapa Tours, Holiday Inn Express & Butlers Pizza for making

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