Post By: Gary Cool –
Last Week, I was invited to a place by the name of Studio 7 in Seapoint Cape Town to watch the band I interviewed one month earlier, perform an acoustic set as well as view their first music video from there first single release. It took me some time to find this venue as no one I know, knew where this was, which was strange. I searched on my trusty friend Google, who has all the answers, except for when I ask him what the drummer from U2′s name is… nobody knows the answer to that question… not even his own mother, well Google took me to Studio 7′s site, but for some reason, they had no address? I then contacted the ‘Manager’ and he kindly gave me the address. I also found this to be rather strange, why would you not have the address to your venue on your site?, I later found out why.

As I approached the venue I could hear the bass drum and raspy vocals of Sarah Pope, I was confused as this venue seemed to be a house? Well, it WAS a house, I was standing in the kitchen as I arrived late and all the seats on the couches in the lounge, which in this case were ‘Golden Circle’, were taken. I was offered a beer by the host as if I was visiting a mate. This was awesome, a unique experience

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I had never had before. According to the Wolftown manager, this venue hosts the country’s Top acts once a month and is invitation only. They have hosted the likes of Prime Circle, aKING, Zolani Mahola and many others.

As I was standing in this kitchen watching this young band, I was taken aback not only by this unusual yet cool venue but by this professional act who I was watching perform. They have always come across as extremely talented, but this performance was one even bands which have been together for decades would have been proud of. It was original, and this trio were a well oiled machine who were constantly swapping seats to utilize different instruments for every song, shakers, tambourines and upright bass drums. The third member of the band Damian was the member I had not met at the interview. Damian was a cool, calm and collected guy who also showed immense talent that night. Sarah’s vocals were

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powerful and filled with emotion, there were no wondering eyes in the crowd when she opened her mouth thanks to her captivating voice. Sarah performed a cover which had me in awe from the first note. I was standing in the kitchen puzzled as I got the feeling I had heard this haunting yet beautiful song before. It was beautiful, not ‘poppy’ whatsoever. After a minute I chuckled to myself as I realized that the song they were performing was You’re the one that I want from the cheesy cult classic musical ‘Grease’. It was the same melody yet different. This talented young band had transformed a cheesy song, that I instantly associate with old couples dancing to – in a Tavern in Brakpan on New Years Eve, to a melodic Ballad.

I was pleasantly surprised, this was not the same band that I interviewed in studio over a few bottles of Jack. This was a professional, talented bunch of musicians. We then watched the new music video, which was formally launched last week Friday, which was also the professional production of an international act, and certainly not a band which has been around less than a year.

I invited this band back onto the Rock Dimension last week Thursday and they radiated professionalism, with that sparkle in their

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eyes. This trio have passion, talent, drive and originality to be the next big international act South Africa have on offer. They have the ability to entertain both young and old, which I have found to be the key the successful acts like The Parlotones and Freshly Ground have also had.

I want to congratulate Wolftown and their management for all the hard work they have put in as well as the people responsible for the impressive music video, which will be the Launch of a very successful career for you all.

Check out the Podcast of their interview on the Rock Dimension, as well their Music Video for

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their latest single Settle Down, which has had over a thousand views in 2 days.