By Rory Eliot: Studio 7 has always been a favourite for me, because it takes me back to the beginning, where I started and keeps me grounded. I’ve always felt that I’m at my best when I can share stories and genuinely engage with every person in the audience. It’s about the connection and that sense of belonging, it makes us feel like we aren’t alone.

My first performances happened in lounges, with a room full of friends and family and Studio 7 is just that. A friends lounge, with other friends and family there to love on each other. It picks us all up so that when we leave it sometimes takes days to come down from the buzz. It’s deep stuff and I guess that’s why we all love it and relate with it. Whether in the band or in the audience, we are one, united in one cause and that is to support each other and set our hearts alight with possibilities. Man it’s strange how much it means to me… I’m so grateful for the Plush experience and all it’s given to me.

Our final show was always going to be at Studio 7, because I knew that the Assembly gig was going to be the emotional pinnacle, the biggest and most hyped, so Studio 7 was our gentle come down. It radiated with warmth and approval and we stripped back to the basics. No guitar effects, big drums or lighting displays… just 4 guys, 4 acoustic instruments and the desire to end at the top of our game. We achieved that for sure! We flowed seamlessly into unrehearsed changes and break downs, we busked it and backed each other to know exactly what to do… and like we were tapped into one mind we shifted and moved in perfect synergy.

As usual the crowd got totally involved and sang along with us from the start to the finish… our sing alongs are very special, not many bands have experienced that and it surprises me every time. I once had a fellow musician from an SA band that I love, say to me after a set, ‘dude do you even realize how many times all these people must have sung your songs to know each lyric to every song… not just the radio hits????!!!”… I guess I hadn’t thought about that until he said it. It’s a huge honour and fills me with pride and appreciation. My friends and fans have moulded me with their support. They’ve made me an extremely confident and certain individual and by accepting their influence in my whole life, I’m humbled.

Like the words from a little song called ‘Rage On’… I’ll rage on… and I will never stop the music or the singing. So keep your ears and hearts open…

All my love,