ArdMatthews_BGSo I read this great quote yesterday which went something

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like – “Too much Monday, not enough coffee”. Well yesterday, for a change, too much Monday was a good thing. In fact, there wasn’t enough Monday. Now we’re not weird, creepy Monday-lovers or anything but when you have Ard Matthews serenading 100 people in your lounge you develop a fondness for this reproached day of the week. #Justsaying.


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night was special in my opinion. A Studio 7 revolution of sorts. And not just because we had Mr National Anthem perform for our guests – there were a number of contributing factors that made last night feel new and different. Manny Walters for one. That kid blew everyone away! Manny is a finalist selected by our esteemed panel of judges, Ard amongst them, in our #BushmillsBandSearch competition. After sending 40 or so submissions to Ard to listen to, he chose one of them to open for him at Studio 7. So before Ard took to the stage, Manny got up there, with his melodic tone and breathtaking voice, and stunned a room of over 100 people.

Which brings me to my next ‘contributing factor’. Over 100 people. For those of you have never been to Studio 7 (shame on you) what you won’t know is that our lounge can only seat 60 pax. We had to make some serious provisions and furniture rearrangements in an attempt to get 100 people in comfortably. Our stress levels were high in the days leading up but we did it and it worked. 100 people standing, sipping on their Bushmills, listening to SA’s greatest musical talent – Ard Matthews.

Ard took the stage, after Patrick had finally stopped speaking (“Patrick, you talk a lot of s**t” were the exact words that came out of Ard’s mouth), donning his signature harem pants and silenced the crowds (with the exception of the blonde in front of me whose comment about “being able to hear a pin drop” was overheard) with what can only be described as lyrical soul food. He performed some tracks from his days with Just Jinjer and some new material off his solo album, First Offerings. After every song the (very large) crowd went wild and by the end of it, if people had been seated, the standing ovation would have been a sight to behold. The “I like you madly” encore he threw in was the perfect note to end on.

TBH (to be honest), there was not enough Ard at the end of my Monday. And who needs more coffee when you have Bushmills to get you through a long day.

Till next time kids…

Post written by: @JemimaFaye