For seven years Studio 7 has given music lovers the chance to see some of the best local and international acts in a unique and intimate setting.

Starting as an informal concert for 50 people and held in a tucked away house in Sea Point, Studio 7 has grown into an approach to music more than a venue – bringing artists and audience closer together and introducing fans to the raw experience of making music.

Studio 7 was founded in 2010 by Patrick Craig, a consumer experience specialist and agency founder after he hosted a dinner with some of his close friends and musicians which of course ended up in a jam session. 5 years on thanks to the support of some amazing brands and partners, Studio 7 created a series of unique platforms and performance spaces for hand picked artists to engage with a crowd like never before. Locally, the live music audiences are quickly on the decline and our ethos is reverse that along with our partners and co -create a strong following for the fantastic talent that is coming out of South Africa.

The sessions are acoustic. Stripped down in every way. It’s about allowing the artist to share their experience, play around with new tracks or ideas, to an exclusive crowd that has really come to listen and pay attention to the art they produce that evening.

This approach is now active in small venues around the country, but the original Studio 7 remains the hub. Twice a month, these intimate acoustic gatherings are held across various unique venues, bringing top South African & International bands and musicians face-to-face with some of their biggest fans.

The limit on capacity and long waiting list to attend means that noise around these events is growing, fans asking: Where is it? How do you get invited?

Everyone wants to come. Everyone wants to experience an up close and personal moment with their favourite artist or band. And this is why we are creating a broader platform – once a year, we’ll be able to show South Africa the view from inside the music industry. Sometimes from just a meter away.

When we asked the founder Patrick what he hopes to get out of every Studio 7 session, he said “I want both the musician and the people watching to feel like they’re going on a first date! It’s a bit awkward for both to start, its pretty intimate but my goal is that both parties walk away feeling excited and wanting more. “ That way we grow the scene for both audience and artists alike. Who wouldn’t want more of those kinds of experiences? Plus, there’s so much great music out there you just simply need to come and discover.

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