If 50 Shades of Grey Had a Theme Tune

by: Jemima-Faye Goodall

… Dan Patlansky would sing it. This was the greatest description I heard on Tuesday evening, by another blonde seated in front of me. Always the blondes.

The 11th of September (yes, a somber day of remembrance for most) – in my opinion, a day that South Africa’s music industry obtained a key-player. I don’t doubt that those who know Patrick Craig will agree with me. To celebrate the founding father’s day of birth in true Studio 7-style, two local artists were invited to perform in the infamous lounge for a small group of Patrick’s nearest-and-dearest.

The night kicked-off with a slight reversal of roles as guests serenaded Mr. Craig with an inharmonious version of Happy Birthday. This act of sacrilege was instantly forgotten when award-winning pianist and vocalist, Shannon Hope, silenced a very excitable crowd. With her emotive melody, Shannon graced the space in front of the red brick wall and did the impossible – gave Adele a run for her money. Whether owed to the relatable lyrical content of her music, the heart wrenching sincerity with which she sings the deeply moving lyrics, the life lessons she shared that inspired her songs, or her dexterous ownership of the keyboard, Shannon had the audience enraptured; silenced to the point of being stunned.

This silence was broken, forgivably, by Mr Dan Voice-dripping-with-sex-appeal Patlanksy. This world-class blues musician, once described as

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‘capable of whisking his audience into a netherworld of sonic orgasms’, appeared in front of us looking slight and unassuming. What he then proceeded to do with a guitar and his unforeseen ‘big’ voice was nothing short of musical genius, and could not be further removed from slight and unassuming. The plethora of sounds produced while Dan performed acoustic, old school blues had everyone tapping their feet and made the girls in the audience weak at the knees. I hate to be the one to break the hearts of the ladies that don’t already know but he’s taken, girls 😉

Throughout this evening of raw emotion and ‘muso cat-nip’, I felt something in Studio 7 I have never felt before; a sort of familial closeness. Yes, it’s always cosy. Yes, there is always the familiar sound of ice clinking in Bushmills. Yes, there are always the same friendly faces. But this night in Patrick’s lounge felt more personal, like everyone there experienced the same soulful

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serenity. Perhaps it was the fact that Patrick created a communion by inviting all the guests personally, perhaps it was the combination of two resonant artists, perhaps I am delusional and no one else experienced anything special. Whatever the reason, it was a beautiful evening at Studio 7, for me anyway (not that my opinion matters all that much), and I mourn for those that were not able to be there – you’re experiencing a loss.

Till next time x