By: Andrea Chothia – LiveMag SA
On Friday the 28th March I saw the South African rock band Prime Circle.

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The details of the event said that we would all be meeting at old church in Green market Square. Me not being the most religious person did not think it would be a literal church. I walked in expecting a priest to welcome me, forgetting in that moment that I was there for a rock concert. How ironic I thought. I saw a sign near the door reading: “All

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drinks R15,” these drinks of course included the utmost innocence so I had the divine choice between coffee and coke. As my photographer Ashleigh Swartz and I entered, the church was in darkness but the pulpit glowed with the help of blue lights. The bands instruments were all there surrounded by tea light candles watching us all. Ashleigh and I found a long majestic bench instead of plastic seats; I still could not believe that I was in a church to see a rock band, how unique I thought. As we sat down in the darkness, the most well known songs played quietly for ambiance. Hearing the excited murmur of the guests just over the music rubbed off on me.

The host of Studio Seven events jumped the stage beside all our darling instruments. He welcomed us all and thanked the reverend for allowing a rock band to perform in his church. The ‘cool’ reverend smiled and said no problem; he looked somewhat more excited than the rest of us. One thing I can say is that no time was wasted, as soon as the welcome was over, the band was brought out. “Please welcome Prime Circle,” they walked out one by one while our suspense grew. They all reported to their instruments and the band leader Ross Learmonth opened with

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the line “Thanks for choosing us over the Jazz Fest.” Everyone giggled and shouted in triumph. As the electric guitar batted out its first note I looked around and I could make out in the darkness that people were drooling. When Ross started singing I noticed a pattern of beautiful dips as the music flowed from note to note. Their talent was undeniable, as we all sang along to the words of each song. I think we were all in awe six songs in. In between songs, Ross would tell a story about each of the band members, making fun of them. He told the story of how he met fellow band member Marco Gomes. He impersonated Marco with a voice that sounded something like a Spanish senorita crossed between one of the South Park characters, it was hilarious. Marco laughed along with us.


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